Elevating Cannabis Retail Experience with New Standard

    Discover a fresh perspective on the cannabis retail experience with New Standard. As your preferred dispensary in Saugatuck, MI, we are not just any other cannabis store; we are committed to revolutionizing the cannabis culture by setting a new benchmark.

    Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or new to the fascinating world of cannabis, our knowledgeable and friendly staff can guide you to make suitable choices based on your needs. At New Standard, expect a wide-ranging menu featuring high-quality products that cater to multiple preferences, from flower, edibles, tinctures, to topicals and concentrates.

    However, our mission extends beyond just selling cannabis. We aim to foster a welcoming space for creating awareness about cannabis, demystifying any myths, and constantly learning from your feedback to serve you better. Located in the picturesque town of Saugatuck, our dispensary brings a modern twist to the conventional cannabis shopping experience.

    Just like the city that thrives on community spirit and diversity, at New Standard Saugatuck, we celebrate the same values, ensuring inclusivity and commitment to top-notch service are at the heart of our operations. Experience the New Standard difference today.