“Sweet Greens: Scoring LA’s Best Cannabis Deals at MMD Shops”

    There typically are two types of businesses founded in 2006: those that faded away and “Who? Never heard of ’em”, and MMD Shops. Growing (pun intended) from a single outpost to four buzzing locations across Southern California, MMD is your go-to locale for high-quality cannabis at prices that won’t blow your budget to “high” heavens!

    Do us a favor, stuff those stereotypes in a chillum and light up! MMD is about debunking the image of a shady dispensary located in the underbelly of LA. Picture upscale shopping experience with smokin’ deals in a Jane Fonda workout vibe, minus the sequin leotards – because, hey, it’s 2022 not 1982!

    Score LA’s best deals in our one-stop pot shops, from top-shelf varietals, outstanding OGs to dandy edibles. Jokes aside, we’re serious about customer education. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff ensure you walk away satisfied, whether you’re an Occasional Ollie or a Daily Daisy.

    Looking for good humor, good help, and the best cannabis deals in Southern California? Join us at MMD, we promise to keep the good times “rolling!”.