Debunking the Myths Surrounding New Standard

    The digital age is filled with information that shapes our decision-making, specially when it comes to choosing the right products for our everyday needs. Today, we are debunking myths surrounding a company that has become a favorite among many, New Standard.

    The Myth: New Standard Goods are Low Quality

    One common myth that pops up is that New Standard’s goods are of low quality. This is far from the truth. In reality, New Standard prides itself in offering a diverse range of high-quality products. Each product is meticulously curated, ensuring they meet the rigorous standards of quality and sustainability. The proof of this lies not only in customer reviews, but also in Product Quality Reports published by independent organizations.

    The Myth: New Standard Only Serves Muskegon, MI

    Many believe that New Standard only operates within Muskegon, MI. This is not true. Despite its roots in Muskegon, New Standard’s commercial footprint has expanded well beyond, including Grand Haven, MI. They have maintained a solid presence in these areas, providing their signature high-quality goods to a larger demographic.

    The Myth: New Standard Products are Overpriced

    A myth that often circles around is that New Standard’s products are overpriced. However, a direct comparison of price and quality gives a totally different picture. New Standard ensures that each product is priced reasonably, considering the superior quality, durability and the after-sales services they provide. In fact, in terms of long-term value, customers often find New Standard’s goods to be more cost effective.


    In conclusion, myths can easily arise and spread misinformation in today’s digital world, but the truth prevails when proper research is done. New Standard remains committed to its mission of providing quality goods for a reasonable price, all for the satisfaction of its customers across multiple locations. Any folklore about their goods or services being subpar is just that, a myth.