A Hilarious Tour of East Coast Cannabis

    Welcome to the rollercoaster ride that is East Coast Cannabis! As you traverse the herbaceous landscapes of Kittery, Lebanon, and Eliot, ME, we guarantee you’ll find some of the best cannabis dispensaries closer than you think.

    A Pot Stop in Kittery, ME

    Ever thought you’d play hide and seek with cannabis in Kittery? Well, surprise! Our cannabis dispensary in Kittery, ME, is hiding in plain sight, waiting for you to find it. And each time you do, it gives you the herb-tastic award of high-quality cannabis.

    Lebanon’s Leafy Offerings

    Then there’s Lebanon, not to be outdone by its sister city. Our pot-loving citizens might echo “Dispensary near me in Lebanon, ME, where art thou?”, to which we proudly respond “Right here, ol’ chap, filled to the brim with grade A East Coast Cannabis just for you!”

    Catch Us in Eliot, ME

    Finally, Eliot. A Marijuana dispensary that says, “Good Sir/Madam, fancy a dance with Mary Jane?” And who are we to refuse such a charming offer? With East Coast Cannabis, the dance floor is always open.

    Ready for the tour? Strapped in? Hold onto your stash, folks! This ride is about to get smoky.